I. It was like having thousands of little creatures pulling her into the unexplored darkness, and soon she realized that no fear dwelled in the well. Her body shivered out of control, she was where ancient priests used to sing, and soon found the greatest treasure: the old man muttering bygone sacred secrets into her unaware ears, filling her with arcane knowledge.

And after playing with all possibilities with her eyes closed, she looked around and realised the old man was gone. Now the sun was not in its peak anymore. She went up to the pyramid and from there she looked towards the red tree, looking for his crate filled with pulque. She never saw him again. That man disappeared with the same lightness he appeared with. She could say it was all a figment of her imagination, if she weren’t sure she’d just run into an ancient god.

M.S. Mekibes

Hail the Red Tree! Reacting to the death, stagnation and depression of the past issue, Deep Blue, we have now decided not to die, not to give in.

Driven by an inextinguishable craving to survive, bathed in blood, we grow; we create, we procreate.

M.S. Mekibes, a Mexican writer and artist based in Prague, is to thank for the articulation of the topic, in which we wanted to combine the green growth and the scorching red—thus Red Tree. It is the title of one of her short stories.

In Mondrian’s masterpiece De rode boom (The Red Tree) the pulsating red veins of the tree burn through the blue. In a similar fashion, the red life of the current #6 issue of The Word Addict is burning through the blue morass of the #5 issue.

In terms of the photo shoot, we have a first in this issue. Our own Editor-in-Chief Jaromír Lelek took the role of the model. Behind the camera, there was the seasoned photographer Michal Hancovský, who, right the day after we conducted the photo shoot, went to do a shoot of Michal Horáček, the presidential candidate. Shendra Stucki did a marvellous job with scenography and prepped the vibe of the set in proper blood red. Kolca Lukovye, our household make-up artist and consummate costume artist, took care of the visage and apparel of the model and everybody agreed she pulled an awesome job. Eli Anders provided the behind-the-scenes pictures but is, above all, responsible for the fine red design of the magazine. As always, Eli has moved the zine to another level. The photo shoot took place by Vrba zapomenutá (The Forgotten Willow), a heritage willow located in Únětice. She was the main actress.

Contributions have poured in in floods of bloody good stuff. Rather unusually, we have two photographic sets, both from across the pond, taken by Hunter Andrews and Sharyn Bachleda. Next follow a deluge of red verse and prose: Jaromír Lelek (CZ), Hunter Andrews (US), Mark O’Leary (IRL), Elisabeth Florence (US), Karolína Kopecká (CZ), Vít Bohal (CZ), Honza Luhan (CZ), Matěj Senft (CZ), Václav Kyllar (CZ), Clara Melniczuk (FR-EN).