As nine months go to the shaping an infant ripe for his birth,
So many a million of ages have gone to the making of men:
He now is first, but is he the last? is he not too base?

Tennyson, Maud

Do you feel base? Do you feel like just another step in the great staircase of evolution? Or did the validity of Tennyson’s perspective decease with the demise of the top hat?

Bionically we’ve come to ‘evolving’ into cyborgs addicted to the catnip of social echo, having exacerbated an unnecessary tech convenience into a reflex that needs constant, religious feeding and, at that, we’ve failed to paint it black.

Welcome to the world of the Word Addict. Behold, the second ever issue of the only magazine to fondle both your brain crotch and your cortex. Please, do allow me to introduce our A-Team over from Diffractions Series lectures, whose gentle yet assertive fondelage I honestly wish you to relish. It is my honour to present our dear Greek-profiled entity, Self-Model Dustin, and his intricate play with ping. Next up is Casey splicing sci-fi-ly away followed by “Cyber Sex” composed by Vítek. What more do you need?

Besides the author’s opening hallucination in dialogue, starring (dis-)embodied (artificial) intelligence, and sure to alienate one or two, this issue features two of my favourite Prague-based poets: the Funky Hatted Ian Mykiska, who “once found great support in ‘intersubjectivity’”; and Angie, the Ottoman-intoning Czarevna of Letters, exploring our doom bound haste. Further follows an excerpt from an interview with the ever so charmingly pessimistic & aloof Thor Garcia, an I-told-you-so rant about the true purposes of the Internet (fisted out from the deep annals of 2013 + a fresh 2015 update specifically arranged for this issue).

A captivating cover drawn by the thick spectacled thane of sculpting, Tom Edge, adapting the cover of the first issue of the Word Addict which featured our mutual friend Alejandra Alvarez seated absorbingly in the author’s arm-chair. Exploiting his exclusive knowledge of trends to come, Mr Edge gave her a chic makeover that made her hair a tad wiry. Two gorgeously eerie drawings spread across the issue, poking fun at our darling dystopian presence, drawn by none other than Honza Luhan.

In this issue, we build a not-so-distant landscape, mapping current tendencies towards general atrophy. We acknowledge the tech Singularity, we play with it, we cheat on it, we apologize to it bringing flowers of imaginative upheaval. We write & draw from a place of fascination & disgust. We are the mutable lot of the Word Addict, poke @us.

Jaromír Lelek