The word ‘addict’ has rather negative connotations. What we are talking about, however, is a different kind of addiction, an addiction to the written word. It is quite alright to infuse your figurative syringe with a dose of fine prose and inject.

There is an art to the process.

The desire to consume what others produced ought not to be mindless consumption or a bloodless analysis, but rather, in Sontag’s spirit, a passionate engagement with the text. Shunning the phrase ‘erotics of art’ for fear of sounding needlessly provocative, compulsion for the logos we celebrate, appreciation of the book we preach and a bibliothḗkē growing exponentially is our flag.

Welcome to the world of The Word Addict

Each issue will have a set theme around which the contributions will revolve. This issue rotates around the Absorbing Girls/Guys, depiction of whom you may look for in the original texts—there is a lot of that pure, uncut, quality stuff to look forward to: a personal essay attempting to broach the subject, Farrell’s ruminations on absorbing heroes, Fowler’s experimental representations of absorbing heroines, the author’s poetic eccentricity, Stein and his two binary poems, and a confession that emerged from the depths of the female unconscious.