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Nearing the release of one of the most anticipated issues of The Word Addict, we are facing some upfront costs. We have never asked you for money in advance but now that we have built a relationship with you, our lovable readers, we are taking this leap of faith.

We trust that you will take it with us.

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Issue #6, April 2018

The Red Tree

Hail the Red Tree! Reacting to the death, stagnation and depression of the past issue – Deep Blue – we have decided not to die, not to give in. Driven by an inextinguishable craving to survive, bathed in blood, we grow; we create, we procreate.

Welcome to the World of The Word Addict

The Word Addict is a literary zine provincially based in Prague. The mag spawned out of an obsessive love for words and congenital exhibitionism. We beg you to bear with us as we try to make our shit seem legit.

Welcome to the self-deprecating world of the Word Addict.

The aim is to shed light on that which is dimly lit, amass varying views and synthesize that raw compound into an aesthetic bundle of violently coalescing textures.

Collaboration is essential since no single viewpoint is capable of fully beholding da truth.

Jaromír Lelek


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